Yu-Shiang Hwang


  • M.S. student , National Taiwan University , Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia
  • B.S. , National Taiwan University , double major in Computer Science and Mathematics

Research Interests

  • Mathematical Logic and Philosophical Logic
  • Finite Model Theory and Descriptive Complexity theory
  • Computability Theory and Algorithmic Randomness
  • Modal Logic and Epistemic Modal Logic
  • Model Checking and Formal Verification
  • Automatic Theorem Proving and Proof Complexity
  • Computational Complexity and Parameterized Complexity
  • Automata Theory
  • Formal epistemology and Formal approaches to Metaphysics
  • Descriptive Set Theory
  • Reverse Mathematics


GOAL for Games, Omega-Automata, and Logics 

M.-H. Tsai, Y.-K. Tsay, and Y.-S. Hwang 

The 25th International Conference on Computer Aided Verification (CAV 2013), LNCS 8044, 883-889, July 2013. 



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